Sunday, 12 August 2007

Wimpey's & Hey You, Get Offa My Raft!

We had another nice chat last night in the rv-dreams chat room so I got to bed around 11:00 p.m. and then read a few chapters of the new Janet Evanovich book. I have to have finished it to give to my niece this weekend.

When I got up this morning I was still tired however we were meeting my sister at Wimpey's Dinner in Lindsay (Ontario) for breakfast at 10:00 a.m. so got ready and headed over there. We had a nice breakfast and I was very good, didn't eat the homefries and had my eggs poached, no bacon. I figure a 20 lb weight loss will help my breathing significantly. Don't know if it will happen especially sine I can't walk too far or too fast right now.

After breakfast we came home and I sat outside and read. There was a nice breeze but it turned cloudy and looked like rain. Rain is very badly needed here. The river is low and the grass is parched. So I came inside and suggested to Gordon that we might like to hook up our new rain gutter for the sewer hose before it rained. The sewer is a long way from the RV so we found we need some connections to be able to get it hooked up so we'll have to go in search tomorrow. The good news is that the sewer hose fits in the rain gutter really well.

I came inside and lay down in bed to read, got sleepy and then it started to rain pretty hard. The rain lasted a couple of hours but it wasn't heavy all the time and the temperature dropped from 33C (92F) to 22C (72F) while it was raining. Since it rained, it's gotten more humid instead of less.

I'm posting a picture my husband took at my sister's cottage yesterday. Along the stretch of cottages there is this seagull named "Bob" who is extremely territorial. If another seagull comes around he chases it away. One of the cottagers feeds him so he keeps the other seagulls out of the area. It's really funny to watch. So the photo below is Bob telling this other seagull to get offa his raft!

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