Saturday, 3 February 2007

Today We Got Some Exercise

It was 43F (6C) this morning and mostly sunny with no wind. Gordon walked with me for a while and we saw these pearl guinea hens.

I walked almost to the end of Lone Star Rd and found these beautiful horses.

I think I told the dappled one below on my way past that she was a pretty girl because on my way back he showed me in no uncertain terms that he was a boy horse without question!! I didn't take a picture. You'll have to use your imagination.

I also found these tracks which could have been dog tracks but then again….

The picture below is from our walk on the trail at Goose Island State Park. It was very pretty there with lots of live oak trees.

We didn’t see any wildlife or birds on the trail but it was a nice walk. On the mudflats we saw a great blue heron, an egret and a couple of roseates.

The two pictures below are of me and the live oak trees.

This beautiful old live oak is also at Goose Island State Park along the road but it also happens to be where the trail ends.
While we were walking on the mud flats we came across this majestic blue heron. He let me get really close to him and then...

he decided I was too close so he took off squawking all the way.

After that we went into Rockport where there is an area called Demonstration Gardens. We didn’t walk the whole area, maybe later. We did see some white ibis, a couple of egrets and a kingfisher. There are also supposed to be butterflies (too cold today) and hummingbirds but we didn’t see any of those either.

This is a bamboo tree at the Demonstration Gardens.

And here's the kingfisher.

I’ve recently heard that to remain heart healthy you’re supposed to walk 10,000 steps per day so I bought a pedometer and so far today, I’ve walked 11,937 steps since I got up this morning. I don’t think I walk that many every day though so I’ll have to start making a point of it.

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