Sunday, 28 January 2007

Our Sunday Birding Tour

This morning was bright and sunny with a bit of wind and 43F (6C). I decided to stay out of the muck this morning and instead headed east on Lone Star Street. There is a side street called ‘Sandra’ so I walked down Sandra Street. When I checked the MLS listings the other day (something I usually do in a new area), there were two houses for sale on this street in the range of $66,000. The houses on the street are very close together and a bit on the ‘seedy’ side. I had a nice walk, just me and my radio.

After breakfast we decided to head out to Bayside which is on the west side of Copano Bay. We were told by the couple that gave the slide presentation on bird identification that this is the place to see Roseate Spoonbills and indeed it is! We saw quite a few in different spots and they are very interesting to watch. Their heads go back and forth in the water and they are spooning out whatever they can find to eat. We drove through Bayside as far as Refugio. I have to say neither Bayside nor Refugio have a lot going for them. We took a different route on the way back and saw a few Sandhill Cranes as well as a huge flock of Snow Geese.

The Roseate Spoonbills and other birds

A Great Egret showing off his reflection

Three Sandhill Cranes in a field along the road

A flock of Snow Geese with two Sandhill Cranes in the foreground

When we got back we grabbed a quick lunch and then headed north to see Port Lavaca. People beside us at Goose Island State Park had stayed at a campground there backing on the water so we wanted to check it out. There isn’t much to Port Lavaca but we wouldn’t mind spending a week there sometime. Neither of us took any photos there.

It was a beautiful day though cooler than yesterday the temperature reached 60F (16F).

My Sony P-10 is not reliable at all now. I took three photos with it this morning but had to do a lot of fiddling around to get them so I used Gordon’s back-up camera, a little Minolta which he used before he got the Canon. I find it too heavy for my purposes so on our way home we stopped at WalMart and I looked at another little Sony. It’s thinner than the one I have and 6 megapixels instead of 5 but the same optical zoom. I’m thinking about it!

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