Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Potluck and End of Month Expenses

A little bit of greenery

This morning was 49F (9C) and cloudy but no mist or rain. I set out to walk the back streets of Fulton. There wasn’t a lot to see. I found a couple of RV parks, one really small and the other fairly large but a lot of trees so probably wouldn’t suit our satellite situation. Two Great Egrets flew in along Tenth Street and one landed so that I could get a photo but that was about it. I walked for longer this morning, about 45 minutes.

It wasn’t a very nice day, Gordon went out to get his hair cut and I stayed inside and read. Our potluck started at 4:30 p.m. It was well attended and we had lots of food, definitely better than the last one. We sat with a couple from Michigan and the couple on the other side of Gordon was from Guelph, Ontario. Shirley and George from Michigan have been coming to this park for six years. Now we just have to digest all the food!

Here are our expenses for this month:

January Expenses

Campground - $413.61- includes electric for Marina Beach and Fulton Oaks

Groceries/Wine/ Spirits - $504.33 – we eat too much

Laundry - $33.77

Entertainment/Parking/Restaurants - $55.28

Truck Fuel - $129.67

Propane – $37.85

Repairs RV/Truck - $0.00

Internet/TV/Cell/Insurance/Computer - $389.76

Medical/Dental - $0.00

Gifts - $25.67

Misc - $1204.01 – includes my new camera and Gordon’s new lens

Total - $2,793.95

Our total is high for this month due to our recent purchases of a new camera for me and a new lens for Gordon’s camera.

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