Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Cloudy and Cool

This morning was cloudy, misty and 51F (11C). Gordon decided to come with me for a ways this morning as just up Lone Star there is a small ranch and yesterday there was a Texas longhorn and a donkey in the field and he wanted to get a photo. Sure enough, they were out but the Texas longhorn was standing with his butt toward the street and they don’t seem to move much. I continued on my walk, went down the court again and there was a horse laying under some trees so I got some photos with my new camera. Then I walked back to see if the Texas longhorn had moved. He hadn’t, but the burro walked over to the fence to see me so I took some photos. I didn’t want to take my new camera out in the misty weather but if I don’t, I might not get to use it often with the weather we’ve been having!

The donkey and the Texas longhorn in the background

The horse

After reading some of my book and taking a nap (I didn’t sleep all that well last night), I went out to Walmart to pick up a few things, the main one being the new case for my camera. I took my camera with me to be sure it was a good fit and it seems to work well.

When I got back, I set to making my Calico Beans for tomorrow’s potluck. They are always better if they are made a day ahead.

Today was cloudy but very little rain, highs in the mid 50’s (13-15C).

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