Friday, 2 February 2007

End of the Week

After I finished posting my blog yesterday, we decided to head out for sunset since the sun had actually come out. We headed over to the Bayside area but didn’t have much luck with birds. There were some egrets and we did see a flock of spoonbills but they were too far away. We saw one immature spoonbill that was closeby but that was about it. The sunset wasn’t great as all the clouds had gone away but the moonrise was beautiful (photo below)!

It was 46F (8C) this morning and mostly cloudy. I did my walk on Lone Star and Farmers Circle again but only saw the horse.

This morning I went out to get a few things. I’ve started replacing our cheapie dishes with Corelle. I bought four plates last week so got two more today and six bowls. We needed something that would work in the microwave. I got plain white so if I need to add to them, it won’t be a problem. I bought them singly rather than buying the package of four place settings as I didn’t want the mugs. All I really needed was dinner plates and bowls. After that I drove to the other side of Rockport to Dollar General. I hadn’t been there yet and got a few things, then back to Family Dollar – nothing there and on to HEB where I picked up the groceries I needed.

Gordon went out to take some photos when I returned but didn’t find any to take, then out again at sunset. I stayed at home this time.

Not a very exciting day!

I took this photo last evening in Bayside. I guess Kinky didn't get voted in as governor!

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  1. Anonymous10:28 pm

    Hi Sandra, The Corelle are a great buy. We used to have a set of Denby dishes, quite expensive, but after about 10 years they had lots of marks on them (especially with the kids sawing away at their food!) so we replaced them with white Corelle for everyday. We have large plates and smaller ones, small and large bowls and a couple of platters. You can often find them on sale - we got our first lot at an outlet mall. Have a great weekend! Patricia


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