Saturday, 2 January 2010

Saturday January 2, 2009 - Out and About

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Gordon shoveling the front steps & walk this morning.

We went out for the day to pick up groceries and some bird seed for the bird feeder and wound up touring around the countryside. We went to the RV park where our RV is being stored to check on it. Everything looked ok. Then on to Almonte to see if the falls were frozen, they weren't and we couldn't find the Co-op place we had heard about to buy bird seed.

Downtown Almonte

Almonte is an interesting little town as the downtown is built on a hill as well as a curve.

Barns along the way

We traveled on toward Pakenham and took a photo of Stonebridge. We drove around the little town for a while, found a park and Gordon photographed the Catholic church.


Back to Almonte where we stopped and asked where the Co-op was. We had passed it on the way in so stopped for our bird seed.

On to Carleton Place where we stopped at Superwalmart, Bulk Barn and Steve's Independent. The store shelves were pretty empty after the holiday but I managed to find most of what I needed.

We got home around 4 p.m., had a nice day even though it was COLD!


  1. Like your barn pics! Looks like a you had a nice day adventuring around. Did you camper look *sad* in the snow and the cold? Just think, you are already halfway through winter and spring will come soon!!!

  2. Very pretty. The snow sure adds to the beauty but also very cold, brrr.


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