Sunday 3 January 2010

Sunday January 3, 2010-Whistler's Mother?

Nothing much happened today. It was cold and windy and it turned out I didn't go outside at all.

The wind drifted the snow overnight so Gordon got to clear the front steps and the walk again and the plow came to clean the driveway.

The day was spent watching a movie called 'The Holiday' and reading. The book I'm reading is by James Lee Burke and it takes place in New Iberia, St. Martinville and New Orleans, LA and a lot of places I recognize.

Nancy went out but only had to pick up a few things so I didn't go along.

I was just thinking of getting dinner on the table when the power went out. It was out from about 5:30 p.m. to about 7 p.m. We were just getting ready to go out to eat when it came back on. Here's a photo Gordon took of me reading by candlelight in the rocking chair. A new take on Whistler's Mother!


  1. Oh, golly, Sandra, I hope you have heat that will work without power. Kinda like the old floor furnaces that just worked on gas with a mechanical thermostat. No power needed for them.
    We had one in KS, and were glad of it!!
    Happy Trails, and keep warm, Penny, TX

  2. Aw that is such a cool picture... could use it for a profile page shot! Glad the power went back on quickly and you were not inconvenienced too much.

  3. Hi Alfreda Leister from Wellington, Oh. (SW of Cleveland). I always enjoy both of your blogs and photos. Since you have to stay in the north. Do you enjoy snowflakes? Here is a web site - Thought it might make our long winter more interesting for you both.

  4. Is the book you are reading Last Car to Elysian Fields? I had someone recommend it to me but haven't got it yet, are you enjoying it?

    Don't envy you your winter in the snow and cold, hopefully next winter you will be in the south again.

  5. Miss you two being down here. I got my computer back and hope to get caught up soon.

  6. You look like I do all bundled up. What a great picture!!!!


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