Friday, 23 October 2009

Friday October 23, 2009-Still Unloading the RV

It was -2C (28F) this morning as I headed out. This morning I walked some of the Trans Canada Trail which is really close to where we're living.

Trans Canada Trail

I saw this rose in a neighbour's yard on my way back

After procrastinating for a while we headed out to the RV to pack up some more stuff. I think one more day should do it. Then we'll do periodic checks to make sure the roof hasn't caved in from the snow or something like that.

I took this photo of the Gatineau Hills on our way to the RV today

I thought today that I had better check on our insurance and I'm lucky I did because since right now we're not fulltiming, our insurance wouldn't cover us outside the RV so I had to speak with three different people at the insurance place, one for the RV, one for the truck and one to discuss a tenant's policy while we're here.

I've been searching on the internet for other cases of deportation but haven't found anything exactly like my situation.

Other than that, not much happening. Hopefully next week we'll get going on this deportation thing.


  1. Anonymous9:15 pm

    Sandra, just catching up on blogs and yours was a real shocker. What a nightmare!

    My hope is that this is all resolved quickly and you will soon be writing about your travel adventures not immigration.

    Just show them your beautiful pictures, it will or should anyway touch their hearts as it has ours.

    Birdie, FL

  2. Also hope you get the immigration fiasco sorted out and you can still get south for some of the winter.


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