Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Wednesday October 21, 2009-Back From Whence We Came

We left Sherkston Shores this morning at 4:15 a.m. and got through Toronto without bumper to bumper traffic. It was fairly warm at 12C (54F).

We arrived at our RV dealer just before 11 a.m. and got the trailer winterized.

While we were on the road my younger sister called. She had called the US Embassy for us and found some information and had given me a phone number to call. Unfortunately they only dealt with visas so I got another phone number from them for Immigration at the border at Alexandria Bay, NY and they basically told me the same thing as I was told in Buffalo only in more detail. The gist of it is I will need an Immigration lawyer. So I called our lawyer. She doesn't know anyone who does Immigration work but looked at the phone book and gave me some names.

We're going to try going to the US Embassy ourselves and speak to some one directly and see where we go from there.

Right now we're just trying to get the RV emptied out and find a place for everything that needs to come out that won't survive in winter temperatures. So we'll be back at that tomorrow.

We're safely at my friend, Nancy's house and just got back from dinner at Wendy's as I haven't brought any food over except breakfast stuff. Tomorrow......

Thanks again to everyone for their support. It's appreciated!


  1. I know it is a long way, surely no farther than TX, but couldn't you winter, in the RV, in Victoria where the weather is better?
    There seem to be lots of lovely sights to see there.
    Just my tuppence! (2 cents in Brit)
    I hope that you get it resolved quickly. Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. Amazing, I miss a couple of days and you go criminal on us. Hopefully this mess can be cleared up with some common sense and rationality (not a whole lot of it in the Gummint). We'll be praying that you can get on the road again quickly and make it to Texas for the winter. Keep posting, love your site, your prospective, and your pictures.

  3. Anonymous8:21 pm

    I still can't believe it. What bizarre news ...and so sad for you. I'm hoping you can get across in A-bay in time to beat the winter -otherwise, we're coming to Ottawa right after Christmas and we'll get together then.

    Thinking of you..

    Laura & Steve

  4. We know a couple who spent all last winter in their 5th wheel on Vancouver Island & made out just fine. Beautiful scenery to boot. Just a thought:)) If interested I can send you their blogsite where they talk about & have photos from their stay on the Island. Campbell River area I think it was plus a really nice RV Park right on the water with scenic mountains in the background.

  5. Anonymous5:43 pm

    Velie Law Office in Norman, OK deals with immigration issues.

    However Vancouver Island is wonderful in the winter. Have friends that live out there and love not having snow!

  6. Anonymous5:47 pm

    Forgot to include that they live in Victoria


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