Tuesday 20 October 2009

Tuesday October 20, 2009-Getting Ready to Return Home

My blog will be short today.

We spent the day getting ready to return to Ottawa. We went out and bought some plastic bags for bagging things up as well as some Bounce sheets to put in the RV to keep the rodents out.

I chatted online with my friend, Nancy last night and she is amenable to us staying with her for the winter. We also have a line on another place but it sounds like there are three other young people living in the house and I don't know if we want to get into that.

I emailed Dave at our home campground, Tranquil Acres and he will store our RV there for the winter so we're heading for our dealer tomorrow so they can winterize it. Nights are getting down to freezing so not winterizing it is not an option.

Thanks so much to everyone who has commented on my blog and sent Facebook messages with all your support. We also have the support of our families and friends here in Ontario so hopefully we'll be able to figure all this out and get it behind us.

The next few days will be spent getting the RV stored and getting everything out of it that we need so it may be a few days before we get to the American Consulate.

I probably won't be posting regularly any more but I'll be thinking of those of you on the road. Safe travels to you!


  1. Sandra, we're not going to be able to stand it unless you give us a blow by blow on how this comes out. So please don't stop blogging. Your still just as interesting when you live in the sticks and bricks. You have tons of references down here in the lower 48, so if any of us can help, please ask.

  2. It really is that serious? You are sure that they won't get this over with quickly, so that you can come down here? Oh, what a pain!
    Happy Wintering, then. Penny, TX

  3. I agree, please blog what happens. If you just keep us informed on how this turns out. We'll still get up to you if at all possible this year.

  4. Stay positive Sandra & use your blog to the max in dealing with this problem. Your friends care & we all await your postings to see how you & Gordon are making out:))

  5. Sandra I can't tell you how bad I feel about this. I agree with everyone else - please give it a fight, and please keep up with your blog. No matter where you are you will still be taking photos on your morning walks, and still be doing things of interest.

  6. Wow Sandra! I don't know what to say except "That Stinks!" Don't give up though... I think they pick the crabbiest Americans for border jobs.

  7. Sandra...we're sending great big HUGS to both of you!! So sorry to hear about the issues and wish you all the best in it's resolution! Please yell if we can do anything to help!
    So HUGS to you!

  8. You simply can't stop posting, we'll have to come hunt you down to be sure you're doing ok as you work your way through this detour in the road.

    Keep on keeping on, have patience, have faith, and just know there's a lot of support from your friends.


  9. Sandra, we are so sorry to hear of your problem with US immigration. Hopefully you can get this cleared up and back on the road soon. Keep blogging so we know how you are doing.

    Carolyn & John


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