Saturday, 31 May 2008

May Expenses and A Busy Day!

I woke up this morning to pouring rain and a thunderstorm. Sounded like a good day to stay in bed so I didn't get up until 9:00 a.m. I can't remember the last time I slept that long.

Sleeping late makes the day go by really fast. By the time I finished interneting it was 11:00 a.m. as with the cloud and rain the internet satellite kept going in and out but it gave me time to post my receipts to my Excel spreadsheet.

I decided to do something ambitious since I didn't walk this morning so I cleaned the bathroom and vacuumed. I was getting ready to start thinking about what I was going to paint on my niece's old trumpet when Gordon said it had stopped raining and he needed to go out and get a photo for today. I was going to stay at home but changed my mind

We went back to Andrew Hayden Park as cloud is the best light for photographing waterfalls. Here's a photo of both parts of the Falls.

I decided to walk there so I walked around most of the pathways within the park. The sun came out while we were there and I got some photos of these adorable baby groundhogs. I was whistling and making noises so they would come out from under the rock and all of a sudden there was Mamma Groundhog. I'm not sure if she was looking for food or protecting her babies or both but she came right up to me.

Today was Gluten Free Day at Rainbow Foods so we decided to stop there. They have this every year and it was last year that we learned about Judy's Magic Mixes that make the best bread. They were there again this year with more goodies as well as Sue's from Kingston who make great cookies. We had lots of samples but refrained from buying anything as I had already completed my month end financial report for posting.

From there Gordon noticed there were some interesting clouds in they sky so we decided to stop at the Arboretum on the way home. Here are some photos I took there. They have a really pretty hosta garden (photo below) there as well.

Looking toward Ottawa downtown and Dow's Lake from the Arboretum.

This is only a small part of the hosta garden

Water droplets on the hostas.

Red squirrel in the hosta garden

Lots of shades of green

Red and green

Purple wildflowers

On my way back to the truck I saw a pretty black poodle - a black Fillmore!

May Expenses

Considering all the medical and dental we've had this month, I think we did exceptionally well. We also bought Miss Pinky (GPS) and Gordon bought a new (to him) camera. I also bought a new mixer as my old one didn't have enough wattage to make Gordon's gluten free bread. Also it was 41 years old! Our electric heater died so we had to replace that as well. You can see we didn't do much by way of entertainment, however we've had a great time out in nature and that's free except for the fuel to get there.

I'm very happy with this month's total!

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  1. Sandra,
    Love the photos! I especially love the first one of the falls!


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