Thursday, 29 May 2008

The good news is good.....and the bad news is ugly!

The phone rang early this morning. It was my sister calling to tell us that the doctor's office had called and wanted to change Gordon's prescription to liquid instead of pills and they needed the name of the pharmacy. It's difficult having a cell phone with a long distance number. The medical profession don't want to use it as it costs them! We got that straightened out and while Gordon was talking to them got his appointment for June with the Infectious Disease Specialist.

This morning after my walk we just hung around the RV. Gordon had a dentist appointment this afternoon so I dropped him off and went to the Loeb grocery store and Walmart to pick up some stuff. He called me when he was done and luckily I was almost back so away we went to the pharmacy to get the prescription. On the way in I told Gordon not to be surprised if they didn't have it at all or only had part of it. I was right, they didn't have it at all. It had to be ordered and will be in tomorrow. And here's the bad news (it comes before the good news). It costs around $1100 for one month's prescription! The good news is that when we reach $1000 each year, the extended health care pays 100% so we should be there or nearly there now.

Gordon wanted to go and do something fun and since I wore sandals today we decided to go back to Andrew Hayden Park where if the trails aren't paved, they are level and in good shape. We walked along the Ottawa River for a while on this trail.

Then we changed locations within the park and saw these baby geese as well as others also born this year but looked a little older.

Then we walked on to Keeley Falls where we have our own red rocks. It's a pretty little falls within Andrew Haydon Park and is the subject of lots of photos around this area.

This is looking down river away from the falls.

On our way home I saw this little Mini. It's not a Mini Cooper but an authentic Austin Mini 1100!


  1. $1100...they would have to carry me out on a stretcher!!! I would not need those pills...I would need the electric paddles. Love the car.

    Joe and Sherri

  2. Anonymous8:56 am

    Ouch on the $1100 for meds. Boy it is ridiculous. I know for us, our single most expensive expense category is medical. Between our premiums and "out of pocket costs" yikes!
    Be blessed
    Al Viscardi


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