Friday, 30 May 2008

Finances, Picking up the Dreaded Prescription & Kids Having Fun

Today started out bright and sunny but by afternoon it was cloudy and threatening rain. The temperature hovered around 22C (72F) for most of the afternoon and the wind wasn't as strong today.

We had a late morning appointment with our financial advisor and we came away as usual with lots of information and our eyes glazed over. However he has given us some things to think about, one of which I would never have considered - borrowing money to invest. Apparently it's a good tax write off and comes highly recommended. For people who don't like owing money, this would be a big step. Other than that, he thinks we have a wonderful lifestyle and says we should go and enjoy ourselves and let him worry about the rest. I told him to just remember that I don't want to have to live under a bridge when I'm 75!

We came home for lunch, then out to our pharmacy to pick up the dreaded $1180.00 prescription. My favourite pharmacist, Michael, was on duty today and he's always so nice but unfortunately he can't give us a discount! Oh well, after we left there I stopped to photocopy my prescription receipts and my submission form and mailed them in to our extended health care.

Our plan was to go and find a trail after that but Gordon's medication has to be kept at room temperature and it was starting to get pretty warm in the truck so we stopped to take some photos of a little carnival that was going on in the little mall where I got my photocopies at Staples and then came home. The photo today is of a couple of little kids on a dinosaur ride. They looked like they were having fun!

I sat outside for a while, then popped a port tenderloin in the over for dinner. Another fine day in the life of a fulltime RVer!

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