Friday, 15 February 2008

Rain .... and Dinner by Ellie & Jim

I was greeted this morning with sounds of pouring rain on the roof. Welcome to Tucson 2007-8! So, no walk this morning. Instead after breakfast we got ready and went out to Walmart. Gordon needed some DVDs and I needed a few things. I decided not to get my full grocery order today. Just didn't feel like it!

Just before we left I thought I saw Doug and JoAnn (parents of Fillmore the standard poodle) drive by so we stopped by to say "Hi" on our way out to Walmart.

On our way back both tops of Cats Mountain and Golden Gate Mountain were in cloud so we stopped to take photos.

Then back to the RV for a nap, reading and to get ready for a night out with our fellow RVers.

Ellie & Jim had invited eight of us for dinner that they were preparing and serving at the campground's clubhouse for 5 p.m. Jim was at the door of the clubhouse to greet us as Ellie was cooking at her RV. JoAnn & Doug, Laurie & Odel & Gordon & I all got together at the clubhouse around 5 p.m., then Jim picked up Ellie and the food and it was time to eat! Ellie spent a lot of time and work on the meal and it was delicious. Here's a photo of all of us filling our faces around the table.

She even went to Wild Oats and bought 2 different breads for Gordon and a carrot cake!

Laurie & Odel had brought their computer with photos of the places in Mexico that Jim, Ellie, Doug, JoAnn and Fred & Jo Wishnie are going on Sunday and she did a little slide show. They will have a great time!

It managed to rain quite hard most of the day today and our high got to 44F (7C), hopefully we'll have a better day tomorrow!

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  1. Wow, I'm impressed Ellie. Sounds like a fabulous dinner. Now I'm really bummed that we weren't there.

    See you soon.



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