Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Just A Regular Day and Dinner Out!

Today is the day before we leave to head back to Tucson. I called Doc Justin's Diamond J RV Park this morning and left a message that we'll be arriving tomorrow and to save us a mountain view spot or desert view as second choice. Our plan is to be there for a month.

The day started out bright and sunny but shortly after lunch it clouded up. We may have some rain for our trip tomorrow. Gordon was hoping for some dramatic skies for photography but unfortunately, it's just cloudy!

After walking this morning and breakfast and such I cleaned out my books taking a few up to the library in the laundry room. Of course I couldn't come away empty-handed. Anyway from checking out my book supply it doesn't look like I'll run out of reading material any time soon. I've also put together a bag of books for the library at Justin's Diamond J in Tucson. I have magazines for them too. While I was sorting books, I also looked through my cookbooks. I don't use them too often and I was thinking that I should look at them and try something new. I used to use them far more often in the sticks and bricks house.

The flowers are starting to come out in the desert. The bush below has little red flowers just starting. The next one has white flowers and of course the bottom one has yellow flowers. It's so nice to see them!

I also put a recipe on the site for the rv-dreams cookbook that Linda and Howard of are planning for their first rally in Branson, MO in June this year. We won't be able to attend as we have to be in Canada for six months. I've now contributed two recipes and I'm allowed another one. Too bad that most of my recipes are usually in my head and not necessarily measured ingredients. For those of you that have never visited their site, there's a wealth of information there as well as a forum and a chatroom. They also post budgets and financials, recipes and items that they have for sale in their on the road businesses including Linda's jewelry and hummingbird feeders.

This evening we set out for Ajo stopping at the Ajo Scenic Loop to take some sunset photos. We finally got some clouds today.

Then we got our fuel for tomorrow's trip and arrived at the restuarant, Marcela's Cafe & Bakery. We had enchiladas, his beef, mine chicken. They were mediocre at best. Oh well, at least I didn't have to cook! Lots of noisy young men in the restaurant tonight! Here we are at the restaurant.

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