Monday, 11 February 2008

General Stuff & Alamo Canyon Drive

What a glorious morning. It was already 48F (9C) when I started out into the desert. Instead of my usual 30 minutes I was gone for at least 50 minutes. I started out on the ATV trail and when it ended set out toward the foothills of the mountains. I came across fresh burro tracks and droppings and could even smell them however still couldn't see them. I decided I had walked far enough and started back. I did get slightly off track however it's not possible to get lost here as I know the sun rises behind our RV and if you get to a high spot you can see the top of the Golden Ha:san Casino which is right next to the RV park. Sometimes with all the palo verde trees around you can't see the RV park though. There is also both highways (85 & 86) which can be heard quite easily as they are quite busy.

After breakfast I sat outside in the sun for a while under my canopied chair, read my book and worked on a word puzzle. The sun down here is so bright it's hard to look at! I had my lunch outside having moved into the shade on the patio and had a walk around the RV park picking up a couple of books from the library in the laundry room. I must remember to take some down there to replenish the small stock they have.

This afternoon we needed to go out to get propane. We stopped at both stations in Why. No propane so we went into Ajo and Gordon dropped me at Olesen's IGA which is the only supermarket in the area. Surprisingly their prices were pretty good and they had quite a good selection of meats and vegetables. I got my groceries, Gordon got the propane at the local Shell station. They do, however, gouge you for propane. We paid as much here as we did last year in Canada although I have no doubt our prices will have gone up by the time we get back.

On the way back to the campground we stopped in to the Casino. As I've said before all they have are slots are they all appear to be 2 cent slots. Not big time spenders here! Their 'restaurant' is a counter with a few items, none of which Gordon could eat but they do have tables! I'm thinking we should eat out one night but I think we'll have to go in to Ajo. The only restaurant in Why only serves breakfast and lunch.

Late this afternoon we headed into Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument to do the Alamo Canyon Drive. The road was again a dirt road but in much better condition than the one yesterday. We drove to the Ajo Mountains and took lots of photos. The Ajos are actually quite beautiful and the red rocks reminded me of Palo Duro Canyon in Texas. We spent about an hour there. Photo to the right is a teddy bear cholla I saw this afternoon. Looks all soft and fuzzy, doesn't it?

I had made a gluten-free macaroni salad for dinner and we had it with hot dogs. Good hot weather food. Our high today was 77F (25C), no humidity and bright sunny skies all day!

Part of the Ajo Mountain Range.

More of the Ajo Range with the organ pipe cactus in the foreground.

An organ pipe cactus long past its prime

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