Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Shopping Around the Lake

Today my sister picked me up at the RV park and we headed out to Fenelon Falls, Ontario, our first stop on our shopping trip. Fenelon Falls is a little town that is just across Sturgeon Lake from their cottage. We walked around the shops, mostly looking. I made a big purchase of some garbage bags for the kitchen. We stopped for lunch at a little restaurant in town called the Central Cafe. Since we were going to Betty & Garth's for dinner, I had a lunch of poached eggs on toast. I used to eat this for breakfast every morning when I was younger and it was a treat for me as I hate making poached eggs!

After lunch we continued on to Bobcaygeon another little tourist town in the area and again didn't buy much but enjoyed looking in the stores. We picked up a barbecued chicken for dinner, stopped at the library in Dunsford, another little town close to the cottage then got some eggs and vegetables from one of the Mennonite farms close to them arriving back at the cottage around 4:30 p.m. to find their whole back yard dug up. They are having a stone walkway put in and the guy putting in the walkway had brought in a little backhoe to dig it up so it was quite a mess!

My husband joined us at the cottage for dinner. Here's a photo of our host and hostess!

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