Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Tuesday Stay at Home Day

I took this photo a couple of evenings ago when we walked around the park. He looks like he's waiting to be turned into a prince!

It was surprisingly sunny and warm at 19C(66F) with very little breeze. I headed east down Cram Road but in the distance I could see a couple of large black shapes on the road so not being sure what they were (I expect cows), I turned around and went south on Appleton Side Road instead. I expect some cows had escaped however there could have been a bull and with bears in the area a couple of weeks ago, I decided to be safe rather than sorry. There were actually a couple of others out walking this morning as well as someone on a bike. Summer is here!

After breakfast my internet time and vacuuming the RV, I went outside to read but fell asleep for a while instead. Those chairs aren’t really meant for comfort!

This afternoon I read, played on the computer and made BBQ spareribs for dinner. I rarely make them as they’re fiddly and messy to eat but I really like them. I got a recipe for the sauce on the internet and it sounded good so we’ll see!

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