Monday, 2 July 2007

Our Visit to Morris Island Conservation Area and Other Points

Today was a nicer day although we did have some cloudy periods. It was sunny and breezy and 14C(58F) as I did my two mile walk again. I decided to take my camera this morning and of course since I did that I saw zip!

Since it was a nice day but not too hot we decided to go to the Morris Island Conservation Area near Fitzroy Harbour. We had been there last year but it was so hot we didn’t walk very far. We took a different trail today, this one going through the woods. We started out on a nice gravel path

but eventually it became a path with a lot of rocks and tree roots, quite hard to walk on. You had to watch every step you took or you’d trip really easily.

We didn’t see a lot, a chipmunk, but lots of pretty white birches. I did manage a photo of one of the pretty black and white dragon flies.

And here's one of the pretty vistas.

Eventually we got back to the causeway where we had walked last year. We had hoped to see lots of dragon flies as they were plentiful last year but there were hardly any this year. Could it be that lots of people were walking around with nets?

At one stop along the road I managed to get a photo of this green dragon fly. (We don't carry nets, only cameras.)

We had our picnic lunch today at a picnic table near the water but in the forested area then drove around for a while ending up in Pakenham then on through Almonte where we took the back way on Appleton Side Road to our RV park arriving home mid afternoon.

I snapped this photo of the Mississippi River at Pakenham.

I sat outside and read for a while. The temperature reached about 24C(75F) today. Just about perfect! We did have a short shower late in the afternoon but it was very short!

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