Sunday, 1 July 2007

June Expenses

Campgrounds - $636.00
Groceries/Wine/Spirits - $465.11
Laundry - $27.25
Entertainment/Parking/Restaurants - $40.10
Truck Fuel - $163.81
Propane - $25.64
Repairs RV/Truck incl Maintenance - $91.01
Internet/TV,Cell/Insurance - $496.11
Medical/Dental - $684.79
Gifts - $206.65
Misc - $692.97

Total - $3530.10

June was a little better than May but we still had a lot of extra expenses.

  1. I had to buy new glasses of which my insurance only paid $100.00
  2. Gordon’s camera lens had to be fixed
  3. We had to buy an external hard drive for Gordon’s computer
  4. Our yearly tax to the Canadian Government had to be paid for our satellite internet
  5. Gordon had lots of dental work done
  6. Our yearly Visa card fee went up again
  7. We had a few gifts to buy

On the good side of things, we didn’t spend much in fuel and we did better on groceries without starving ourselves (not likely to happen). We also didn’t eat at restaurants much and confined our activities to the outdoors.

Considering all the extra expenses, I’m happy with our figures for June!

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