Friday, 6 July 2007

Quick Trip to Ottawa Today

This morning was much nicer 19C (67F) and sunny with no humidity. I put a bandaid on my blister from yesterday and started out only to find that my other heel seemed to be getting a blister so since I had brought a bandaid with me I put it on my left heel. As I was about 20 minutes into my walk my right heel started to hurt again. I didn’t have any more bandaids with me so I had to suffer. I think it’s just the same blister that is hurting even with the bandaid on it. Sure hope these shoes get broken in soon. The good news is my back is better.

Today we had to go in to Ottawa as Gordon is developing an abcess up near the base of the root of a tooth so he got penicillin from the doctor. We filled it and then came back to Carleton Place. We stopped at the Independent Store in Carleton Place to pick up a few things then back to the RV to read and have a nap!

We had some fairly heavy rain on the way back to Carleton Place but it cleared up and is bright and sunny now!

This is a photo I took of our RV a few days ago.

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