Friday, 27 July 2007

Sittin' Around

Today was quite humid and partly sunny this morning for my walk. Since the air was so heavy I didn’t feel like walking very much but managed 25 minutes probably at a reduced speed.

For anyone that’s interested click here for the information on my new MacBook.

This morning I coloured my hair again (doesn’t seem to be lasting as long as it used to) and backed up my computer. I devised a way to keep the power cord plugged in as the battery is not charging at all. I just tuck the cord into the side of my recliner and that seems to work. It’s a real pain to have it shutting down all the time.

The rest of the day was spent reading outside in the shade or inside on the couch. I did walk around the park and take more flower photos as you can see. Not a terribly exciting day!

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