Saturday, 28 July 2007

Happy Anniversary & Spam Filters

Happy 1st Anniversary to Nick and Becky! Here’s a photo of them one year ago today! Although it was very hot and humid last year on this day, it was a nice sunny day unlike today, humid and rainy!

I’m finding that I meet people now and get their email addresses and then never hear from them. Is it because they don’t want to hear from me or because they aren’t aware that if my email address isn’t in their address book, my email will go directly to their Spam folder and probably never be seen by them. So anyone who reads this and is waiting for an email from someone, check your Spam folder, it’s probably there!

Today was just a nothing day. I read, went to the clubhouse to watch the people who are taking the painting class and just generally vegged! I should have met up with Sandy and Nancy again as was suggested last time we met! Didn’t know I’d be at loose ends today!

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