Thursday, 26 July 2007

A Large Purchase

Today was another hot, hazy, humid day but with a nice breeze so after my walk, breakfast etc. I sat outside for about 4 hours and read.

I’ve been having problems with my HP Pavilion laptop. I put a new battery in it under warranty about 2 years ago. Now either the battery has gone again, the power cord is malfunctioning or there is something wrong with the motherboard so we decided to replace it. It’s three years old and that’s a long time for a computer or so I’m told. After some discussion with my husband who is a Macintosh person, we decided that I should buy a Mac instead of a PC. Macs will run the Windows program so I get both in one little computer and Macs don’t have all the virus problems that PCs do. My first computer was also a Macintosh and the reason I was hired originally at Nortel was because I knew the Mac. Then about a year later, they switched to PC so I’ve been a PC user ever since. I needed a PC at home so I could get into my computer at Nortel and do work from home. Now that’s no longer needed so Gordon and I went in to Kanata late this afternoon and discussed the purchase with his supplier, Leroy. We decided to order it so I will have a new computer by Tuesday at the latest. Then I just have to learn the Mac ways and get it set up! Here’s a picture of the computer that I took off the internet!

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