Sunday, 22 July 2007

Chocolate Factory & Farmersville Exhibition

It was sunny and warm for my morning walk.

My younger sister called this morning and asked us if we wanted to go with them to Smiths Falls. They were going to Hershey’s. So I’ve been there twice in the last two days. Does that make up for not going for 59 years? I think the lights are so cute!

After the Hershey plant we headed to Athens where they were having a Farmersville Exhibition. Since we got there late in the day and today was the last day we got in without paying. There were all kinds of old trucks, tractors, steam engines, a horse pull and crafts. It was quite an interesting place as you will see from the photos below. A good percentage of the vehicles we saw are owned by a fellow by the name of Tackaberry from Smiths Falls. He calls them "Tack's Toys".

We stopped at the Thruway Restaurant at Carleton Place for dinner on our way back. Good burgers! Too much food!

It was a beautiful, sunny day all day, not too hot and with very little humidity. We had a very enjoyable day!

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