Monday, 31 July 2006

End of the Month Again

Gordon had planned to go to the dentist today as he has a tooth that’s been bothering him but when he called he found out his dentist is away till August 7th and we’ll be leaving for Lindsay on the 9th so he’ll have to wait until we get back in September. The good news is that it’s not been bothering him for the last four days or so. Late this morning we went out and got propane and took Bib for a little drive. After lunch I went and got groceries.

Since it's the end of the month, here are our expenses for July:

Campground Fees – 676.14
Groceries – 459.34
Laundry – 27.25
Wine/Spirits – 69.10
Entertainment – 0.00
Snacks – 7.25
Eating Out – 70.64
Fuel for Truck – 267.30
Propane – 27.00
Dog Food/Vet etc – 247.36
Repairs RV/Truck – 968.95
Misc – 241.22
Insurance – 189.44
Internet – 13.00
Cell Phones – 108.77
Medical/Dental – 138.12
Gifts – 502.88
Total – 4013.76

We had an expensive service this month on the truck. The rear oil needed to be changed and that is always expensive. We also got our bathroom sink replaced in the fifth wheel so this month was expensive in that regard. We switched from a one year contract to a two year contract for internet satellite so I expect we will be charged for two months next month. The $13.00 is for something to do with Gordon’s domain that I don’t think we should be charged for so we have to look into that. Our alcohol consumption didn’t increase this month, we just bought wine for the rehearsal dinner for Nick and Becky’s wedding. Also the gift category is higher this month because of the wedding as well. Considering all the expenses we had this month, I thought we did quite well overall.

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