Friday, 1 October 2010

Thursday & Friday, September 30 & October 1, 2010


It was cloudy with the threat of rain in the air and we did indeed have rain and lots of it all day. I had a short walk with just a bit of drizzle but we had to get ready to go in to Ottawa. We had errands to run, I had an appointment with the eye surgeon and the company that looks after our retirement funds had a Customer Appreciation BBQ.

We got our errands done. I was at the surgeon's office in lots of time only to wait for an hour to be seen. Everything with the cataract surgery is fine but my optic nerves are not 'normal' looking so he sent me for a glaucoma test. He said to take it to my optometrist so when I left there we went straight to the optometrist's office to drop that off. We both have appointments in mid October.

Then it was on to the Customer Appreciation BBQ. They have these little parties about twice a year. We usually get to go to the one held in the summer. It was a bit late this year. We've only been to one Christmas one.

Retired people will show up even in the pouring rain for a free meal! LOL We did!

Apex Jazz Band

They had a good jazz band called the Apex Jazz Band. We had some food, spoke to our financial advisor to say Hi and then left to go to my sister's for a few minutes before heading home in the rain. While there I picked up some of my china that she had stored there. It's my grandmother's set that she got as a wedding present in the early 1900s and a very pretty pattern. It's very difficult to find pieces but I have done so at flea markets and have added to it over the years.

Now that I have my new storage unit I have one empty side to store the china in.

I caught up our monthly expenses tonight. This is the first month since we moved in that we've actually come in under budget even with things purchased for the house. Finally!


We actually saw some sun today although it was cool. I went for my walk, thankful that there was no rain in the forecast for this morning as we've had enough rain for a while. The ground in spots is saturated. Gordon went out after breakfast to take some photos.

While he was gone I unpacked my box of dishes and did some cleaning. My throat felt a little scratchy so I decided to rest today.

Gordon has been scratching his head for the last few days wondering why the garage door opener didn't work. So today, he was back out in the garage to try again. Well, something he did worked and he has no idea what it is but we now have our car in the garage. The photo (above) is of him looking quite pleased with himself.


  1. I hope everything goes well with your eyes. It's hell to come through cataract surgery only to find something else is wrong. I'm beginning to wonder if my eyesight will ever be right again.

  2. Oh oh.. hope your car don't get stuck IN the garage now!

    We found our opener was straining and jamming up now and then, so we lubed it up good with white lithium grease in the spray can and it works flawlessly now.

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