Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Wednesday September 29, 2010

Today was mostly a cloudy day with one little patch of blue sky this morning so we headed over to Poonamalie locks for some photos.

Houseboats leaving the locks

On the grounds of the locks

Flowers at the locks

I did go out for my walk this morning and wound up going downtown. I don't often go that way because of traffic crossing Queen/Elmsley Street. I'd rather just keep on truckin' on the side streets away from traffic.

My doctor's office called this afternoon with the results of my sleep test. I have mild sleep apnea but only when sleeping on my back so the recommendation was to sew tennis balls in the back of my nightwear and lose some weight.

Tonight we went out for sunset. Another photographer had mentioned this spot to us and Gordon checked it out and it's right in town, just a stone's throw from the RV park!

Sunset throws golden light on the new water treatment plant


The old train trestle bridge at sunset, lots of pink sky


  1. I am glad for you that sleep apnea is only when you sleep on your back. Those devices some people have to use all night must be quite hard to get used to. We have a friend who needs one and his wife is really happy now that the so very loud snoring of her husband is a thing of the past. tennis balls seem a bit big though, how about golf balls??

  2. Wonderful sunset shots!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard


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