Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Sunday to Tuesday September 26-28, 2010


Although it wasn't raining it was damp when I went for my walk. It didn't get very warm today and we had some drizzle on and off.

I've wanted a pressure washer to wash the outside of the house so since they were on sale, we went out today and got one. I was also looking for a wheelbarrow on sale but couldn't find one so I got a yard cart instead. I think it will serve the purpose.

Gordon has been wanting chili for some time. Since I can't eat it due to the tomatoes, I wanted to wait till I got a freezer so I could freeze some. Now I have the freezer so today was the day to make the chili. He had it for dinner and was very happy!

I also made a huge meatloaf and cut it into sections for freezing as well.


Today was another cloudy day with rain descending upon us late this afternoon. It looks like that's what we'll have for the next day or so. Even if it was cloudy I did enjoy my walk this morning.

This morning I went out to try to come up with something for hanging my shower curtain. Before I wallpapered we had the tension rod on the wallpaper but I don't want to tear the new stuff so with the wooden cabinets above the tub I decided we could put up some hooks like for draperies so I went in search of some and found some at Canadian Tire (they sell all sorts of things besides tires).

While I was out I picked up some other stuff and since lean hamburger was on sale at Your Independent and I have a freezer I stocked up. I also got some other meats that were on special.

One of my purchases was some of those new fangled light bulbs. When I got them home two were broken so I had to go back and exchange them. While I was gone Gordon was starting to get things together to put up the garage door opener.

I did some reading and repackaged the meat I bought. Not a very interesting day nor a very nice one. This is what the radar looked like. At least it's mostly green!


It rained pretty much all night but by the time I got up this morning it had stopped and if we didn't get sun at least there was 'brightness'. So, I went for my walk. It was actually quite warm at 16C (61F).

Gordon had to go to our home away from home, Home Hardware to get a metal strap to hold up the garage door opener so he could continue with getting that installed. It won't be long before we need it!

This dock with the seagulls on it reminded me of the docks at Rockport, TX with pelicans and cormorants on them.

This afternoon while Gordon was working on the garage door opener, I was thinking about how to get the stain off the siding at the front from our contractor splashing it all over when he painted the deck. I thought I'd try the Mr. Clean sponge, that didn't work. BUT I had kept my Purple Power from the RV so I sprayed it on the siding full strength, let it work for a couple of minutes and the stuff wiped right off! It's amazing!

I came across a site for Smiths Falls this morning that I hadn't seen before. Click here to see it. For those of you that have limited bandwidth, there are six short videos.

We went for a short drive late this afternoon when the sun came out as there was an interesting sky.

Photos of the interesting skies this afternoon


  1. Great sky pictures!

    Is there anything that you can't get at Canadian Tire?

  2. Hey, never mind the Meatloaf & Chili.....how about some more Butterscotch Pie:))

  3. We use Super Clean for just about everything around here. It is purple also, and orginally the company belonged to Castrol.

    We have even used it to clean cellular blinds. (You have to lay them over a table outside, spray them with it, and then hose them off).

    We find that it is a little stronger than Purple Power, so you don't have to dilute it as much.
    But I don't know about the price, as Super Clean is now over $7.00 a gallon at Walmart's Auto Dept.

    Lovely pictures of your colorful area again. Such a pretty place, even with the ominous clouds.

    Thanks. Happy Trails, Penny, TX


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