Saturday, 2 October 2010

Saturday October 2, 2010

I woke up to bright, beautiful sunshine although it was cold at 4C (39F). Luckily I had gotten out some winter things last night so I was able to cover my ears when I went for my walk.

Since it was sunny today the plan du jour was to go out leaf hunting. We had both cloud and sun on our drive toward Clayton, Almonte and Carleton Place. We got a few photos.

Someone was burning something. The flames were pretty high. Sure hope they were looking after it.

Lilac Lane, Franktown

Horse barns behind the church in Franktown

Along the back roads

Some turkeys - they'd better watch out, Canadian Thanksgiving is next weekend!

One of the Falls at Almonte

While we were in the area we stopped at Tranquil Acres but the trees on the other side of the river weren't as pretty as usual. While there we stopped by our former Titanium. Warren was there closing it up for the winter. He again reiterated how much they love it. That's good to hear. We didn't have any nostalgic feelings while we were there so I guess we've moved past it.

Then it was on to The Brick where we were looking at bookshelves that were on sale. We found ones that we liked and put them on order. They should be in on Wednesday.


  1. Heh heh them turkeys sure look ugly... but they taste SO GOOD!

    Like your bookshelves!

    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. Glad to hear and see that you guys are doing well!


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