Friday, 8 January 2010

Friday January 8, 2010-Dinner Out

I've been changing my walk time to sometime during the day as it seems to warm up a bit by then so I walked today around 1 p.m. The wind was still cold but it wasn't bad.

I didn't do much all day except watch TV. I haven't even read any of my book in the last two days.

Gordon went out on a photo shoot by himself this morning but said he didn't see much photoworthy.

We were meeting my nephew, Nick and his wife, Becky at Swiss Chalet on Bank Street which is about 1/2 way between where we live and where they live. We had an excellent dinner and now that Nick is a full fledged paramedic (though on training for 5 weeks) he picked up the cheque. Thanks Nick and Becky! It was really great to spend one on one time with them. Usually when we see them there's all kinds of family around so we managed to have a good chat. Although I had the camera around my neck, no photos were taken.

That's about it for our day.

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