Friday, 15 January 2010

Friday January 15, 2009-New Kitchen Counter

Today was the day the kitchen counter was going in. They were supposed to be here at 9 a.m. Two guys dropped off the counters at about 9:45 a.m. and the installer arrived at about 10:30 a.m. It took till about 2:30 p.m. for it to be installed. Nancy also had the sink and tap replaced. Since the counter is black with silver through it, she got a black double sink and a black tap. The counter doesn't show up well in a photo, at least with my camera.

While the kitchen was being updated, we watched this gray squirrel get onto the bird feeder. This is the first one that's managed it.

You can see him stretching from the top of the feeder to the dish on the right side

And sitting on the feeder

Quite proud of himself

We had one shot of sun today otherwise it was overcast but the temperature was at 2C (36F) all day. That's warmer than it was in Florida at one point this week.

After the guys finished up in the kitchen, Gordon and I took off to the RV. We figured since it was above freezing the lock wouldn't be frozen and we were right. Gordon needed to pick up a cable for our PDA's that we had forgotten in the rush in October. The RV looks fine.

From there we drove back to Almonte to see if the falls had frozen yet. There was more ice than last time we were there but the falls were still running.

You can see part of the falls gushing out from below the ice

The ice cream stand called Waterfall Delights is closed for the winter

I love this house that overlooks the falls

By that time I was hungry. We didn't have lunch since the kitchen was otherwise occupied so since we had gift cards, we stopped and had an early dinner at Kelsey's. It's always nice not to have to cook!


  1. What the bears in NC didn't do to my bird feeders, the squirrels polished off. I grew to detest those little rodents! I still don't like them.

  2. That house in Almonte was created by a senior executive at Mitel. His role was predicting the future needs of telecommunications. A very clever man, and very imaginative. His creativity shows well in his house.

  3. Squirrels will do anything for a bit of food. We have them running up and down a small tree behind the RV. I'm scared to death they'll find a way in. The falls are great flowing under the ice. Great pictures.


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