Thursday, 5 November 2009

Thursday November 5, 2009-Our 19th Anniversary

It was colder this morning somewhere around 0C (32F). My face got cold on my walk but other than that I was dressed warmly enough.

After breakfast we decided to go out and see our little home on wheels are there was some stuff we wanted to pick up. On our way out it started to s***. YUK!

That haze you see is snow

Big fat flakes

Geese on the Mississippi River at Appleton, ON

We found the RV to be fine, no mice in any of the traps but the batteries are nearly dead. The lights were very dim when we turned them on to test them. We picked up what we needed and headed home.

And our poor little house on wheels

After a nap and a shower, we got ready to head out for dinner.

Nancy took our 19th anniversary photo in front of the fireplace

We would up going to Zola's in Bells Corners which is only a couple of miles away. They have gluten free pizza so Gordon was happy and he ordered a four cheese pizza. It was snowing again.

Snow on the windshield

Gordon's four cheese pizza

I wound up having veal marsala. It was a very lovely presentation and they substituted more veggies instead of potatoes.

My veal marsala

Our restaurant photo

Some Greek decor at Zola's

It was an excellent anniversary meal!

Snow on Nancy's lawn when we got home


  1. Winter has arrived! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I LOVE the pictures. The anniversary picture by the fireplace is really good. Becareful in the snow, at least you don't have to go to work in it.

  2. Sorry that you have sn*w on your anniversary. Have A Happy One, and Many More.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  3. Happy Anniversary! It sounds like are enjoyed your day, and snow CAN be pretty once in a while.

  4. Anonymous9:43 pm

    Happy 19th anniversary -seems like just yesterday !!

    Laura and Steve
    (see you sometime between Dec 27-30th?)

  5. Happy Anniversary!!!! Sounds like you had a good day.
    Doug, JoAnn & Fillmore

  6. Happy Anniversary! Looks like a great dinner - except for the snow outside!


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