Saturday, 3 October 2009

Saturday October 3, 2009-Laid Back Day

Today was a laid back kind of day, we'd been running all week so decided to take it easy today.

Lots of leaves have fallen this week with all the rain

The sun is trying to come out

The turkeys again

More of a mist this morning than fog

Trailer put to bed for the winter

I had my usual morning walk/run and saw the turkeys again. Gordon also went to take photos of them.

The morning was spent mostly on the computer but I've done some reading, had a nap and chatted with my niece on MSN. She was writing a paper and wanted to know if a lay person could read it and make sense of it. So I read it for her and made sense to my befuddled brain.

Generally it's been a 'do nothing' sort of day. We did see quite a bit of sun and a high of 17C (63F) so was able to have the windows open for a bit. We do have quite a scourge of those Japanese lady bugs here today. They are so annoying!

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