Monday, 28 September 2009

Monday September 28, 2009 - Appointments and Errands in the City

This morning was 12C (54F) cloudy and foggy but it wasn't raining so I took off down the farm road came across a big family of wild turkeys.

The fog this morning

Leaves were pretty

That's a lot of turkeys

We had to go in to Ottawa today as I had an appointment to get my teeth cleaned at my periodontist and Gordon had put his back out this weekend so he needed to go to the chiropractor.

I had a new hygenist today. I hate breaking in new people in the medical/dental field. You just get used to one and they're gone. Anyway she didn't seem to know where to put the water sucking thingie in my mouth. It was never in the right spot. And when her assistant came in and used the manual water sucking thingie she didn't leave it in my mouth when I was closing it. Everyone else always has and that sucks the water up really fast. She also kept telling me to turn my head one way or the other but the sunglasses they give you to wear don't fit right when you turn your head. She also scraped so hard on one of my teeth that I thought it would be gone. Luckily it's still there. This is the worst I've had that I can remember. Hopefully by the time I got back in May, she'll be more experienced.

Gordon had finished at the chiropractor by the time I was done and was waiting for me in the Food Court at Westgate Shopping Centre (known as Ottawa's oldest shopping centre) which is right beside my periodontist building so we then took off for Food Basics, a discount food store which is just around the corner. Groceries completed, I also stopped at the liquor store for some wine - $33.99 for 4 litres in a box. Sure will be glad to get to the US where wine is cheap!

Then it was home, it was foggy and rainy leaving Ottawa and it rained on and off all the way home.

Going through Ottawa on the freeway

For those of you who use Facebook or who have thought of it but are afraid of the privacy issues, this link will take you to a lot of useful information. Thanks, Donna for posting the link on Facebook.

Late this afternoon the skies cleared and the sun came out but our high still only reached 16C (61F).


  1. Hi Folks:

    Saw you today driving in Bells Corners at corner of Moodie and Robertson. You both looked like you were on a mission !!

  2. Looks like we had the same weather, just on the other coast.

    Looking forward to seeing you guys in Texas....are you coming again this year? LOL


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