Friday, 2 October 2009

Friday October 2, 2009-Laundry, Groceries & September Expenses

It was so warm and comfy in bed this morning I had a hard time getting up. Mostly because I knew today was laundry day. But, I got up, changed the bed and headed out for my walk no rain but lots of fog. We did see the sun for part of the day today and it wasn't too cold for a change. I think our high was about 12C (53F) although overnight it got down to 1C (34F).

It was very foggy this morning and sometime this week this tree has fallen over the road.

The turkeys were out again

This tree was much prettier last year. Of course a bright blue sky would help.

The raft at the beach in fog

After breakfast I got the laundry ready and Gordon helped put it in the truck and opened the campground gate for me and away I went. The laundry wasn't busy and I was done in about 1 1/2 hours.

First stop - Laundry

On for groceries. I want to try to stick to foods that agree with me as much as possible so I was looking for breakfast food and something to replace rice and potatoes. I wound up with oatmeal for breakfast and quinoa and sweet potatoes. I also got some fresh veggies, no corn or peas so I got brussel sprouts, broccoli and green, yellow and red peppers. I also bought some meat as we were running out.

I stopped first at Bulk Barn to look at what they had that I could eat as a snack. I bought some more vegetable chips (they're good but expensive), peanuts (which amazingly I don't have a problem with), and cashews. With that and fruit at least I won't go hungry for snacks.

Then off to Bulk Barn
and Superwalmart

then Your Independent Grocery store

and a stop at Staples to do some photocopying

Traveling snacks will be another story. I'm not sure how I'll get around that. I always had a sandwich, granola bar, peanut butter and crackers, corn chips etc. The only thing I can have out of all that now is peanut butter, but I have nothing to put the peanut butter on! Any ideas?

I was asked today in a comment what my sensitivity to carob is. The answer is I am not sensitive to carob, it's a negative on my list however if there is caffeine or caffeine equivalent in it I can't have it due to my reflux disease. The list only takes into account food sensitivities according to what my blood shows not other foods that I might not be able to eat because of other medical problems.

September Expenses

The rather large total for Medical/Dental includes our travel medical insurance for our six months in the US. We've also had dental and chiropractic appointments which our Extended Medical doesn't cover completely either 50 or 80% depending on what it is. Overall, without the travel medical insurance it wasn't a bad month considering all our appointments. We also had the truck serviced this month and new rear brakes.


  1. I love the fog pictures, just don't like to drive in it. The budget isn't too bad, still reachable for us. Thanks for the post.

  2. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Is carob really healthier than chocolate?

    When your hippie mother fed it to you in the ’70s, she thought carob was a miracle replacement for chocolate. And it is ever so slightly healthier in a few respects. Unlike cocoa, carob does not contain caffeine or theobromine, another mild stimulant that actually elevates mood in humans but is the reason large quantities of chocolate are dangerous to dogs and cats. (They metabolize the chemical more slowly than we do, so it can build up in their bodies, poisoning them). People who are allergic to chocolate can generally eat carob without a problem (as can dogs and cats).

    Carob powder is naturally sweeter and lower in fat than cocoa powder. However, the fat and sugar added to both powders to turn them into something tasty wipes out those differences. “The total fat and calorie content of carob and cocoa in the candy form [is] typically the same,” says Dr. Amy E. Griel, a postdoctoral intern in dietetics at Pennsylvania State University. What’s more, cocoa is high in stearic acid, a saturated fat that does not raise cholesterol levels, while carob “chocolate” is often made with palm or coconut oils, which are known to raise cholesterol. Cocoa also contains flavonoids, a group of antioxidant compounds that studies have shown can help with hypertension, insulin sensitivity, platelet function, and immune response, Griel says.

    Carob trees (Ceratonia siliqua) have been farmed in the Middle East for at least 4,000 years. Their edible pods are traditionally eaten on Tu B’shevat, a Jewish holiday celebrating trees. The seeds inside the pods were also traditionally used to weigh diamonds, which is where we get the word carat from.

    So you should be able to have carob as a snack with peanuts.


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