Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Wednesday September 30, 2009-Interesting Results!

I was up just as the sun was coming up this morning. It was chilly at 7C (44F) but at least the sun looked like it would shine for a bit today. I had heard some rain on the roof overnight but by the time I got up there was no sign of it. I went out for my walk. It felt good!

I had appointments in Ottawa today, the eye doctor and my family doctor for the results of my food screening test.

I tried a new eye doctor, this one is my sister's and I really liked him. First of all the blurriness in my eyes that I thought was allergies is not. It's cataracts and well advanced ones at that. So my opthamologist that I saw 2 1/2 years ago should have picked up on it as I've had these problems now for nearly the whole time we've been on the road. So all the eye drops I've been using have been for naught! Anyway he's making an appointment with a surgeon for me and I'll have them removed when we're back here next summer. He also has a nifty little machine that takes a picture of the back of the eye and the good news is there's no sign of macular degeneration.

Then we stopped at the chiropractor so Gordon could get a treatment then on to our family doctor to get the results of my food sensitivities test.

The gist of it is there's not much I can eat. I don't have celiac disease but I have sensitivies to most of the same things however I also have sensitivities to rice, corn and potatoes so that leaves out chips, bread, crackers of any kind even celiac breads as they are mainly made with rice and potato flour. I also can't have nectarines and that's one of my staple fruits, no eggs or milk (including rice, goat, sheep, cow) and since soya beans are also on the list I expect soy milk is a no, no as well. And get this, no chocolate - now that's just downright nasty!

So between the two of us there's not much we can eat. Meats are still ok for both of us, as are some veggies but no corn or peas for me. I can eat fish and most seafood except crab and mussels. Salmon and tuna are ok. So no one should even think about trying to cook for us! It's just a mess! I have to think of something to have to replace rice and potatoes. Sweet potatoes weren't on the list so I don't know if I can have them or not. Any suggestions?

I've been in touch with Fab Grandma. She's had celiac disease for a few years and knows a bunch of websites that she'll send to me but I think I just needed someone to hold my hand and chat with about it. I'm used to the celiac diet now but future grocery shopping will be a chore for a while!

So that's not the whole list but a good part of it. All in all there's 38 foods on the list along with three borderline foods.

So what's the good news? I don't have the eye allergies I thought I had!

No photos today, I've had enough to um.....digest?


  1. Oh Sandra. I wish I could help you with your menus. That must be so frustrating! Between you and Gordon, you will be eating a whole different way.
    Fab Grandma will put you on the right track.
    That will be wonderful when you can get your eyes fixed.
    Happy Trails, Penny.

  2. Anonymous4:05 pm

    What is your sensitivity to Carob?
    It's a great substitute for Chocolate. Have been enjoying reading your blog since my hubby is Canadian.


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