Saturday, 19 September 2009

Saturday September 19, 2009-Just Hangin Around

It was cloudy when I got up and only 7C (44F). It didn't get as cold as forecast last night and let's hope tonight will be the same but it was still chilly. By the time I was half way through my walk the sun came out and we had clear sunny skies all day.

Walking on the rail trail again this morning

Scene to the right of the trail

A dead tree

They're building a road into town beside the rail trail as they're making Hwy 7 (Ottawa to Carleton Place) into 4 lanes right now

Red leaves

This part of the field is being leveled - maybe for building houses, not sure about that

This morning I made stew - it's feeling like stew weather again.

After lunch I lay down to read and fell asleep again. I had taken a Benadryl for my eye allergies as I want to stay off eye drops since they appear to be causing pressure behind my eyes and giving me bad headache.

So not much happening again today!


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  2. Ohhh what nice country pictures! You got me thinking of making stew for supper too! Thanks for posting.


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