Sunday 20 September 2009

Sunday September 20, 2009 - Around the Park

Today was an absolutely gorgeous bright sunny day with a high near 21C (70F) although when I left for my walk this morning it was only 6C (43F).

I took this photo on my walk

I saw this kitty stalking some mice in the field so I called kitty, kitty

and he ran over to see me

There were lots of spider webs along the way

I've watched this house being built along the Mississippi since last year. It's in a flood plain, sure hope they built it high enough.

More spider webs

and still more

These trees were green yesterday but you can see they're starting to turn after our cold night

We didn't do much today. I sat outside for a while and the female owner of the campground, Shonah came over to visit for a while. She's only here on weekends as she looks after her grandchildren while her daughter is going to school to become a massage therapist. It was great to see her again. She is such a lovely person.

Shonagh coming across the field to see us - Gordon going to meet her

We were talking the other night on the RV-Dreams chat about sewer set ups, here's ours

Other than that I had a nap this afternoon and we had stew and cornbread for dinner!

Oh and Happy Birthday, Jenny!

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  1. I saw that at Camping World! We'll get that when we go back for the RV. Thanks so much for the spiderweb pictures. I can't believe there's that many in one field!


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