Sunday, 19 July 2009

Sunday July 19, 2009 - Last Day in Sudbury

We took a day off from traveling the area today as we were both pooped! So the plan to get back to Onaping Falls didn't work out for this trip.

I did get to go on my morning walk today. I again walked down the gravel road to Richard Lake. Every time I go that way there is a rather large bird that squawks at me coming and going. I've no idea why, I would think that baby birds are out of the nest by now but he certainly has objection to me walking there.

We had showers at the campground shower house this morning and I sat outside and read while partially drying my hair. I sure do like it shorter!

After lunch, I took a recipe that my stepdaughter had sent me for Tuna Noodle Casserole and adapted it to be gluten free. I also tried something that I had read about on the internet but couldn't find a complete recipe for - instead of milk I used coconut milk. We'll see how it turns out! I'm hoping for a richer flavour than milk would give.

Today has been cloudy with some sunny breaks and even a rain shower (again) but quite pleasant overall. We've had the door and windows open which has been pretty rare this summer. Our high today has been hovering around 23C (73F).

We went out at sunset tonight for the purpose of photographing the Big Nickel with it lighted up. I was disappointed with the lighting but here's a photo of it. Sunset was pretty too!


  1. Sherri and I are without children now... Really enjoying the time off HE HE Sure is quiet around here.


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