Monday, 20 July 2009

Monday July 20, 2009-Now at Parry Sound

Last night when we went out to see the Big Nickel at night our onboard computer on the truck said we had a lamp out. We discovered it was a headlight so Gordon went to the dealer first thing this morning to get that replaced.

By the time he got back I had most of the inside stuff that I do ready for travel so by the time we got everything together and the tanks dumped we left Carol's Campsite at Sudbury, Ontario at about 10:06 a.m. under sunny skies and 17C (63F).

We had an uneventful trip, stopping once and arrived at the KOA just south of Parry Sound exactly 2 hours later. We were set up except for the internet satellite by 1 p.m. We're not putting the TV satellite up as we're only here for two nights. We only get one channel so we don't have to wonder what to watch!

Arrival at KOA Parry Sound

Our site

The KOA has free wifi but we couldn't get in using our Mac computers so I switched over to the PC side (it's an Intel Mac) and I got in right away. So Gordon went ahead and set up our own internet satellite. So I started writing my blog today on the PC! I haven't used PC in such a long time, it's taking a while to get used to. We eventually did get in through the Mac.

After setting up, we went into town as we had been told there was a tower that you could climb that overlooks Georgian Bay. I climbed to the second level but Gordon made it to the top. I have a problem with heights and the steps were open at the back and you could also see through the steps. It was worse coming down!

The sign for the Lookout Tower

View from the tower

This is the tower

Pretty lilies in the park

Then we stopped at the Town Dock/Marina and looked around.

Walking along the water

A lot of planes at the marina

Me in front of the lighthouse (it's not a real one, but a kiosk for one of the bay cruises)

Another stop at Superwalmart and a couple of campgrounds to see if we could find a place to stay as we have to leave here on Wednesday. So far, no luck. We saw a really nice park called Trailhead but it was very heavily treed.

It was a beautiful sunny day today - 24C (75F).

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