Sunday, 24 May 2009

Sunday May 25, 2009

It was 14C (58F) and sunny at 8:30 a.m. today, now that's better. I did my walk in a short sleeved T-shirt.

When I went out Shonagh, the female part of the campground ownership was just riding by on her bike so I got a hug from her and we chatted for a few minutes. They always make us feel so welcome.

I always take photos of this tractor when I'm here

After breakfast I sat outside for a while then decided to make potato salad so came in to boil eggs and chop up the potatoes and other ingredients. While that was on I had some black eyed peas here so I cooked them up.

I was intrigued by the Chocolate Mug Cake recipe on Dee's blog last night. Since Gordon can't eat chocolate, I decided to try it as a Gluten Free Butterscotch Mug Cake. I semi melted some butterscotch chips to replace the cocoa, used gluten free flour and it turned out pretty good. It didn't all come out of the mug well but it sure is tasty. I love trying easy things!

I sat outside some more this afternoon, read my book and called my cousin in Brockville to see where my aunt is. She is now in an old age home that's on the water. She's happy there as she grew up on the water and that is apparently where she thinks she is. We have to get down to Brockville and see her now that we're both feeling better.

Pretty flowers around the campground

Couldn't stop myself this afternoon, had to have a nap again! This is getting to be a habit!


  1. I hope I get to go some places before they put me away to die.

  2. Michelle11:02 pm

    Hi Sandra,
    I saw on Dad's site that you made this cake and banana bread. Do you have the recipes? Sounds yummy, makes me hungry. :) Did you make potato salad? with mayo or something different?


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