Tuesday 10 June 2008

Errands and a New Radio

The storms we were supposed to have yesterday never materialized. We had a severe thunderstorm warning on for today as well with rain this afternoon lasting into tonight but as of posting this blog, we haven't had either. I had a few drops of rain when I left the campground this afternoon but that was it. Doesn't say it won't still happen though!

This morning I managed to go for my walk. The breeze was stronger than yesterday and it was cooler at (28C) 83F. Other than that I didn't get much accomplished this morning other than a shower and reading for a while sitting outside. Gordon went out to the ornamental gardens again and stopped at the Fletcher Wildlife Garden which he says I will love. We drove in once but didn't stay so I'm looking forward to seeing it as it's not far from the campground.

Yesterday our pharmacist called to let us know that Gordon's remaining medication was in so I went out to pick it up. I stopped a few places to pick up groceries and things. While at one of the department stores I found a nice little AM/FM radio that's an armband. I've been looking for one but all you can seem to find these days are MP3 players and I like a radio so I can hear the news and weather. Some of the MP3 players have FM but a lot of my oldies stations are AM so I decided to go with the armband radio. It works really well! I've been using Gordon's little radio that he's had for about 30 years and it doesn't work very well anymore.

While I was out Gordon got a phone call from our GP's office about his MRI and apparently there is no sign of any Valley Fever in his lung anymore however he is going in to talk to her on Saturday morning as nothing was mentioned about the pain he's had in his back.

That's it for another day here in Ottawa. Hope all the rally folks in Branson are having a great time. I'm thinking of you!

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  1. Anonymous9:45 am

    so glad to hear it sounds like Gordon is finally Valley Fever free!
    Terri and I have decided to go back to Casa Grande this winter again. We just believe God will take care of us.
    We will spend the summer at Vallecito Lake in Colorado. We leave in about two weeks for there.
    Be blessed


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