Saturday, 14 June 2008

Doctor , Andrew Hayden Park & A Nap

I woke up this morning really groggy and tired. I must have been fighting an army in my sleep last night and lost! Also it was raining so didn't get to go for my walk which usually rejuvenates me.

Gordon had a doctor's appointment today early in the afternoon to get the full results of his MRI from our GP. He sees the Infectious Disease Specialist later this month for more detailed information. So our GP is sending him for some blood tests. She did go over the results of the MRI but he may need to be referred to a neurologist for further testing. So we didn't really get a lot resolved there.

On to Andrew Hayden park to get a few photos and walk a bit, a stop at a couple of stores, drop off some things at the Salvation Army and then home for a nap! I was really tired today.

Mamma and baby ducks out for a swim.

A baby groundhog asleep on a rock.

Windmill with lots of birds around.

This tree is shedding all over the place in the park. The stuff on the ground almost looks like snow.

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