Sunday, 7 December 2008

A Lovely Sunny Day

I didn't get up this morning until nearly 8:30 a.m. By then the temperature had reached 53F (12C) so I was able to go for my walk with no jacket or gloves this morning.

It turned into a beautiful sunny, bright day so I sat out on our little deck and read for most of the day only coming in when a breeze picked up. I read some more and had a little nap. Other than that I walked around the campground, took a few photos and just generally relaxed. It's nice not to have to go anywhere or do anything.

A fishing boat coming in

Gordon has posted a few photos that he took yesterday from the air, click here to see them. He has also updated his journal, click here to read.

Just before sunset we decided to go for a drive around the area as it's going to be cloudy for the next couple of days. We were only gone about an hour but it was a nice evening for a drive. Here are some photos. I especially like the one of the wave at the shoreline.

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  1. It looks so relaxing there. I know you are enjoying your time there. See you on Chat

    Joe and Sherri


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