Wednesday, 10 December 2008

A Cold and Generally Miserable Day!

From our beautiful warm wind out of the south yesterday to the cold, bitter wind from the north today, our temperature dropped almost 40 degrees from yesterday to today. Our high today was 44F (7C) compared to 81F (27C) yesterday. It was very windy last night and overnight and it knocked the TV satellite dish out overnight. It also rained overnight and a bit this morning but it didn't rain during the day at all. I was able to get out for my walk although I could hardly walk against the wind.

I spent the day on the internet, reading and making some necklaces. I tried out my new crimp tool and I'm not impressed. I think I'll take it back. The side cutters are got are very handy though, I'll keep them. So I did a bit of bead wrapping today that I hadn't been able to do without wire cutters. I'm afraid I'm not very creative in that respect, pretty basic.

I also had a nice chat on Facebook with my friend, Cheryl that I met when working at Nortel. It was great to chat with her! They also have a fifth wheel and her husband would love to fulltime but Cheryl isn't ready to give up her house just yet.

I'll make some cornbread to go with out stew for our dinner tonight and other than that we're just trying to keep warm until Friday when it warms up again.

Today's photo is one Gordon took today of the brown pelican diving for fish. They are really funny to watch. They come in like a kamikaze and dive straight down into the water.

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