Monday, 3 November 2008

Lebanon, OH to Nashville, TN

Here is this morning's sunrise at Lebanon, OH.

We left Lebanon, OH at 9:30 a.m. 55F (13C) under clear, sunny skies. I was up at 6:15 a.m. as we wanted to be ready to go after returning from the bank. The Fifth Third ATM ate my card on Saturday so I had to go in and retrieve it and get them to change the password. That was done in a matter of seconds. I tried it at their ATM and changed my password and everything works.

Crossing the Ohio River into Kentucky

We arrived at Nashville Country RV Park at Goodlettsville, TN which is part of Nashville on the north side at around 2 p.m. and booked in for two days. It was 75F (24C) when we arrived and I was actually sweating a bit for the first time in what seems like weeks! The park claims to have free wifi and cable. The cable works but the wifi only works with our high gain antennae. We didn't set up either of the satellite dishes. We're also now in the Central Time Zone.

This is a Passport America park but still costs $20/day for a 'big rig site'. We practically had to grease the RV to get it into our site but we're here, we're set up and it's beautiful weather! However, there is a dog that is barking almost constantly behind us, sure glad we only signed up for 2 days!

Our site - I had the blinds open this afternoon and was looking at the man in the motorhome next to us that was sitting in his living room.

A couple of campground photos

I've had really bad heartburn since we got here this afternoon and nothing seems to take it away. Really annoying!

Another leg of our southern journey down!


  1. What a great sunrise!! Thanks for the campground pictures. Seeing your neighbor seemed so funny. You're describing things I'd never think about.

  2. Enjoyed your pictures once again. Why do they put the sites soooo close. I guess its all a money thing. Have fun.


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