Sunday, 2 November 2008

Getting Ready to Move On!

I had set the clocks back last night so got up at 7:30 EST. It was 48F (9C) this morning, much warmer than it has been lately. I went about my usual morning ministrations and after breakfast made Gordon the bean soup that he's been requesting.

While that was cooking I vacuumed and cleaned the bathroom then on to the couch to read and of course take a nap.

This morning when I was out walking I saw a lot of these things that look like tennis balls but are actually osage oranges. I don't recall ever seeing them before when we've been here.

This afternoon was more of the same, read and a nap. When the soup finished cooking, I went and had a shower. Gordon got the tanks dumped and cleaned for our trip tomorrow.

I made cornbread to go with the soup and that made up my day.


  1. I think these drop in the late fall then dry, turn brown and if you pull out the little seeds they're fuzzy. I loved playing with them as a kid. Thanks for the reminder. (This one isn't "mature").

  2. Anonymous6:46 am

    Osage oranges are also known colloquially as 'hedge apples'.


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