Thursday, 6 November 2008

Coming to you from Lawrenceburg, TN

Today was bright and sunny but windy. As we're both tired from yesterday and we discovered that this is a Passport America park, we've decided to stay here for 2 more nights. Can't beat the price at $14/night plus tax for 50 amp. There's some rain and thunderstorms in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow bringing in a cold front so we'll wait and leave on Saturday. Gordon has mapped out two different ways to head to the Breaux Bridge, LA area and since the Trace is a better road, we're going to take the Trace.

We're on the outskirts of Amish country here, about 12 miles away. The lady who owns the campground here said there's about 300 Amish families in the area. We haven't decided if we're going to check it out or not. They apparently have a buggy tour (not run by the Amish) that goes from house to house as they don't have stores and sell from their houses.

Gordon went out with me for a while when I went for my walk this morning. We checked out the washrooms and the laundry which we normally do on arrival at a campground but were just too tired last night. The washers and dryers are cheap here so might do a load or two. There's a hill here in the park so we walked up there and took a photo of the campground. One photo about covers the whole campground. It's pretty basic but very functional and all the sites are pull thru.

There's a sawmill on the property and they make porch swings.

After he went inside I continued on my walk/run and was joined by a little boy here in the park named Odie. He's about nine years old and very friendly. His family travels and he is home-schooled. There are four kids in the family, one of them a baby. He says the baby don't talk much but he throws a good bottle. Gordon said he came up and introduced himself when he was out putting up the TV satellite dish. Not something an adult normally sees in a child of that age.

Last night I had just gotten into bed when the carbon monoxide detector went off. This is an RVers nightmare as you never know when it's gone off for no reason or a good reason. We couldn't do anything to get it to turn off so he finally found the breaker. He stayed up for a long time to see if we were going to be gassed in our sleep but thinks it was a car parked behind us with their motor running as he turned the breaker back on and nothing happened.

I sat outside and read for a while today, it was pretty windy this morning but beautiful late this afternoon. We got up to about 74F (23C).

I made scalloped potatoes for dinner tonight. I was going to make baked chicken too but since there wasn't enough room for both in the oven, I'll make the chicken tomorrow night. We'll have turkey burgers and green beans with it tonight. This will be our anniversary dinner since we just made do last night.

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  1. Hi Sandra and Gordon,
    The Natchez Trace is a beautiful drive, I think you will enjoy your choice of travel. We will be in Alabama when you come through our area. Just at I-55 if you look north you can see the mall that I work at when I am off from the FD. I would have loved to have been able to meet you two but before to long (2009) we hope to be fulltiming and maybe our paths will cross then.

    Stay Safe
    John and Bridget


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